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Checks & Balances for You, LLC


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Owner, Founder
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Susie Marbury CDMM
Checks & Balances for You, LLC
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Started November 2012
Services Provided
  • Bill payment services for individuals and families
  • Bill payment services for small businesses
  • Budgeting
  • Facilitation of household payroll
  • Financial record management
  • Medical billing issues
  • Notary services
  • Working with fiduciaries on financial tasks
Accepting new clients?
No, not accepting new clients
  • High Net Worth Individuals and Families
  • Seniors and Older Adults
  • Small Business Owners
Remote Service
Yes, works remotely
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We began our daily money management journey in 2012 and Checks & Balances for You (CB4U) is now a team of 6 serving a diverse clientele.

Our goals are to:
empower our clients with pertinent financial information;
enhance their lives by simplifying administrivia;
provide value through organization and caring.

We strive to guide our clients through the complexities of managing day-to-day finances in a straightforward and non-intimidating manner. Whether our clients need help with paying bills and balancing accounts or bookkeeping for a small business, we deliver solutions based on their specific situations. Our comprehensive approach allows us to provide personalized solutions and to create lasting relationships.
Certified CDMM

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PO Box 7158
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New Mexico
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